Here is the Admin Team responsible for "The Empire's Twilight".

Tim MorleyEdit

I was born in the small town of Sutton In Ashfield, Nottinghamshire in 1966. My love of model kids started at the age of 6 when I started to help my father make his and continues to this day. My hobby has influenced my carear and one of my first jobs was working at Games work shop, where such things as the ultra marines was one of my ideas, Since then I have also worked at modelzone.

The Empires Twilight idea came about through my love of alternitive history and wanting to find a home for my ' what if models ; Its all based on an altinitive outcome to the Suez crisis. I am responsible for an overview of the whole timeline but inparticular the Suez war 1956 - 1958

Tony WilkinsEdit

I was born November 7th 1984 in Bridgend, South Wales and have had a keen interest in aviation since I was 10 having gone to my first air show at RAF St. Athan. I enjoy writing and have written several stories for The Empire's Twilight as well as worked on developing the history. My other love is aircraft profiles. I have also made a few Shipbucket profiles in my time. I am largely responsible for The Falklands War articles.

Raymond BenedictEdit


Raymond Benedict

I was born april, 7, 1988 & lives in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. I have a interest in politics, strategic geo-politics & military stuff. I have made some Shipbucket profiles of ships in this alt. history & I am the go-to guy on scandanavia's role in The Empire's Twilight.

Luciano AlvianiEdit

Luis Miguel AlmeidaEdit

Fowlesy BearEdit