The Empires Twilight

Fly on the wall By Tim Morley

“So let me get this straight “ Robert Muldoon said as he rubed the bridge of his nose “ the Argentineans have attack the Falkland islands, sank the Brit ship “ at which point the shuffled through his notes “ Endurance, and
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gone on and beaten the bloody garrison ?” He looked quizzically at his advisors and raised an eyebrow.

“ Ahh Yes sir that seems to be the case, they came with overwhelming force and surprise, but, and this is the bit that has us worried sir, we had an officer on exchange with the marine garrison and the Argentines are saying that there were no survivors at all from the Garrison, not one……….our man is dead sir”

Muldoon swivelled in his chair to look at his military men, “ So can the Brits do it ?”

“yes sir they can “ replied the senior admiral “ but they won’t have to sir will they, Canada is Already in as is Australia and South Africa that just leaves us , and by God sir you will have mine and every officers in my commands resignation by tonight if New Zealand doesn’t follow suit” he spat.

Muldoon looked the admiral up and down, he’d known the man for years and this was the first time he’d seen him tell a politician what to do. “ your telling me, no blackmailing me into honouring our Commonwealth treaty admiral ?”

“ Yes sir I am."

“I see, do you all feel the same gentlemen , do you all feel that you would give up your jobs careers, everything for this ?”

“ Yes sir” they replied as one “ I must warn you sir “ the admiral continued “ I doubt you could recall some of our ships even if you tried personally to stop them, the fleet feels that highly, Endurance was a regular and popular visitor here and feelings are high”

“ I have ordered our Vulcan squadron onto 2 hour readiness to move in anticipation of your orders sir “ the Chief of the air staff blandly cut into the heated exchange “ and I expect our transports to be ready to load troops as soon as my friend here can get his little men ready” he continued looking at the notes in his hand “ Here they are sir,” and he laid the papers in front of the PM reached forward and placed the pen in front of him.

“ I see gentlemen, I see” and the seconds ticked slowly by “ well there never was a doubt that New Zealand would honour its obligations was there” and his eyes met those of his advisors, “ get the orders out , get the men moving, the shadow of war is upon us “