The Texas Free Press

31 August 1991

In Lawrence Kansas, a small quiet university town of about 82,000 people in the 1988 census I found not a small town alive with students and commerce but a place flled with terror and grief. The City Goverment was outraged two days ago when a band of so-called National Guard soldiers wanted them to seal off the city and take on a siege mentality. So they called the Federated United States authorities for help.

When the Federal Homeland Defense Forces arived with a small unit there was a battle which the FHDF soldiers lost. The so-called National Guardsmen vanished and the civil authorities thought that was the end of their problems. But a larger FHDF force showed up and then proceeded to threaten the local people then attack the law enforcement center and engage any police vehicles they ran across with heavy weapons fire, killing over 300 citizens and lawmen.

The FHDF unit discribed as over 300 men and dozens of tanks then went on a rampage through the farms to the west of Lawrence killing men, women, children, and even animals. Farms were burned and there were reports of signs of rape on several of the dead women.

This reporter saw for himself the remains of several armored personel carriers, hundreds of spent rifle and machine gun rounds and spent missle tubes around the National Guard Armory. I saw two more carriers which had been hit by a heavy weapon near the small town of Big Springs Kansas. I saw farms burned and animals laying dead. I also heard lots of heavy military vehicles on the move and decided survival beat valor and beat a hasty retreat.

In this reporter's humble opinion American Army of Liberation forces have gotten hold of some heavy weapons and are fighting a gorilla opperation in the heartland of America against the people who have shredded the contitution and spit on their rights.

James Olsen, free agent reporter