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Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Sitar F1

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Sitar F1Edit

Licence produced by the Indian government the Sitar, named after the Russian Balalaika, (nickname of the MiG-21) for the RAF made a considerable advance over the original design with duel Sidewinder mounts and airborne refuelling capability.

RAF ServiceEdit

The Sitar was produced as a lightweight (relatively speaking after the RAF required mods) dissimilar air combat trainer for an "Aggressor" style organisation, though it was never officially called such a thing. Issued to Nos. 93 and 689 squadrons of the RAF
Sitar TET

Sitar F1

and RAuxAF respectively the Sitar was in almost constant use up to The '91 Disaster.

War RecordEdit

The aircraft achieved no war record with the RAF unwilling to fly the type into combat where its looks would be a disadvantage.