The Skyshark was a Commonwealth fighter-interceptor intended to use nuclear armed air-to-air missiles against large bomber formations and was comparable to the US F-102 and F-106.

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Skyshark F.2


Developed from the Fairey Delta 2 the Skyshark was the only fighter the Australian Government would allow into the country to defend the vital Woomera base. Armed with the first of the RAF/Commonwealth's air to air nuclear weapons, the Orange piano II, the Skyshark had little in the way of air to air interception equipment and relied on tight ground control to get her near to her target .

More of a propaganda weapon than a true fighting platform the Skyshark was never tested in combat and was

Detonation of Orange Piano II nuclear AAM

quickly replaced in RAF service being passed on to the RAAF where they languished on the ground until broken up during the 1970s.
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