This is a timeline depicting where in the alternate history of The Empire's Twilight the stories are set.


18/09/1981 "Architect of War"Edit

A CIA Agent reveals his plans to bring down the New Commonwealth by starting a war in the South Atlantic over the Falkland Islands.

1982 - The Falklands WarEdit

01/02/1982 "Observer Bias"Edit

A cocky MI6 analyst believes he can predict how Argentina will use its newest weapons.

18/03/1982 "Waking Nightmare"Edit

The Argentinean Admiralty has doubts about whether they are ready for war with the Commonwealth.

30/05/1982 "Night of the Vixen"Edit

On the first night of the Falklands War the crew of a Royal Navy Sea Vixen stumble across a lucritive target.

1983 - 90Edit

17/04/86 "Target Destiny"Edit

A Chinese pilot undertakes his first combat mission in the war to annex Taiwan.

26/06/1989 "Preparing for War"Edit

The crew of a Japanese fighter bomber train over the Pacific.

1991 - The '91 DisasterEdit

"It Happened right here"Edit

Commander Bailey stood at the window and cursed the bad luck that saw him stuck in this bloody hospital as the world went to hell.

"Alone in the Dark"Edit

A Canadian witnesses his own city under US attack.

"One Foot in the Grave"Edit

Ayalah Darwish pulled herself deeper into the Foxhole she shared with the one companion she could trust, the one constant for her during this nightmare, she huddled up to her Galil assault rifle and took comfort from it's touch.

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