The Blackburn Blackbeard is a Royal Navy land based bomber capable of carrying either Saxon anti ship

Blackbeard SR3

missiles, Blue steel mk6 or Barbarossa electronic penatration drones in a combination of two missiles to one drone (3 hard points). It is capable of supersonic dash with terrain following radar and night vision systems.

Mk.3 version has a flight re-fueling system to extend the aircraft's range. The Blackbeard's rear arc is defended by a radar aimed 30mm cannon (the same as used in the Fox armoured car) firing a variety of ammunition. Book Extract Extract form the four volume set "Tales of the Commonwealth at War 1991 (Vol.4 Naval Forces) published by the New Oxford University Press, Oxford 2015.

Captain Nathanial Butler sat at the controls of the Blackbeard, "Come on you big ugly fuzzy bunny" he thought to himself "not long now, not long, don't let them find us."

The Baltic leapt past below at barely 50 foot as they

Typical cockpit of the Blackbeard

raced for the firing position to be able to take Leningrad off the face of the Earth. This was a retaliation strike for a Soviet bomber coming in low over the North Sea and turning the city of Hull into a smoking hole.

To his right he knew that British, Canadian and the Queen's German Legion troops where fighting for their lives as Soviet and Warpac forces crossed the Inner German border intent on reaching the Rhine. The threat warning receivers went off - but nothing was locked on as yet, nothing had them in their sights.

The 4 ship formation had slipped past the Danish defences earlier, with the Danes focused on the East and the Soviets it was easy, the counter measure suit had not been used and the Barbarossa penetration drone had not been launched. All was well.

"Initial point reached sir." his navigator said.

Well that was it...the attack run had begun.

"All missiles armed

Blackbeard SR.3 model

and ready" he replied "confirming target co-ordinates locked in and system running."

"Ready to launch the Barbarossa drone sir." the weapons system operator cut through. "Yes, yes, do it on my mark...3 ...2...1...mark."

"Missile away" from the weapons operator as the airframe shuddered.

"Both Blue Steels ready on your mark sir" he continued. "Very well then, on my mark....3...2...1...Mark......missiles confirmed away."

The airframe shuddered again and Captain butler had to struggle to keep her from rising too high now the weight of the blue steel missiles was gone. Captain Butler banked his aircraft away from the distant target of Leningrad and tried not to think of the people whom he had just condemned to death in a nuclear firestorm.